Senior Expressing Gratitude for FCA

Ms. M is a 67 year old woman living alone in an apartment. She was in a terrible accident a few years ago. She had multiple surgeries including hip and back surgery, and was permanently disable from the accident. She became an FCA client four years ago. She suffers from multiple health issues.

Ms. M has no family members and very few informal supports. She is currently receiving 12 hours of EISEP (Extended In-Home Services for the Elderly Program) Level 2 services to assist her with her Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) which help determine the level of care assistance a person needs. She has a good relationship with her aide and is very thankful for the EISEP funding to her her remain in the community. She lives in a rent stabilized apartment but does not have much money left after paying her rent. Ms. M's case manager has assisted her with entitlements and monitors the client.

Due to the nature of her injuries she struggles to transfer from chairs to an upright position and is uncomfortable sitting in most chairs unless they are propped up with pillows. Ms. M. has two surgeries coming up and was in need of a new lift chair more than ever because the one she had purchased years ago was not working properly and was beyond repair. Through the help of her EISEP case manager, Ms. M received ancillary funding from the Office for the Aging to purchase a new lift chair.

Thank you letter from Ms. M:

"Dear Sandra

Just a short note to thank FCA for arranging delivery of the life chair for my living room. I sincerely appreciate the consideration and generosity of all. This will definitely help me after the spine surgery.

Ms. M."