Ombudsman's Timely Assistance

A resident’s husband called FCA's Ombudsman office stating that his wife is not being properly cared for at her facility.  The husband continued to share that his wife has been at the facility for 17 months, and for the past 3 months, he has been requesting that she be seen by a specialty doctor because he’s noticed that her condition had worsened.  He went on to report that the facility had been giving him “the run around”, telling him that “the doctor is out on vacation or at the hospital”.  He was also repeatedly told that “her vitals are fine” insinuating that “she’s fine.”  The Ombudsman requested permission to call on his behalf to investigate the matter and he agreed happily to accept the assistance.

Upon the Ombudsman speaking with the Social Worker, she offered to review the resident’s medical file over the phone. At first, she indicated there’s “no medical reason to send her out.”  However, upon reading further into the medical file, the Social Worker found that a consult was ordered for the resident to see a specialist about her ailment.   The Social Worker agreed to follow up with the doctor to find out if the appointment had been scheduled and also agreed to call the husband immediately with the details.

Shortly after the phone call to the facility, the Ombudsman called the husband to follow up.  The husband informed the Ombudsman that the Social Worker had already called him with details about the appointment.  The husband started to cry stating that he’s 92 years old and takes the bus to see his wife 6 days a week and he rests on the 7th day because he’s "overwhelmed and tired.”  He thanked the Ombudsman profusely and stated that in 1 hour, the Ombudservice office resolved an issue he’d been trying to resolve over the course of the past 3 months. The Ombudsman stated that his wife was lucky to have him as an advocate and he said, “of course, why wouldn’t I help her, that’s my wife.