Transitional Housing for Homeless Young Adults

Begin your journey to independence with the help of people who care.

Walkabout for Young Men and Women is a transitional house in Freeport, serving homeless adolescents and young adults.

Our Program

Started in 1974, we provide 10 young people (ages 16-23) with housing and services for up to 18 months to prepare them for living independently in the community or returning home to their families.

Residing at the Walkabout residence is voluntary.

Resident Guidelines

Each resident must:

  • Be employed full time or in a vocational training program that will lead to full-time employment, or completing school and willing to work on a part-time basis
  • Participate in acquiring skills for independent living, such as cooking and shopping.
  • Budget and save money for his or her next living situation
  • Accept responsibility for his or her behavior through daily activities, such as doing chores and adhering to curfews
  • Be actively planning to either live independently in the community or return home to their family



  • Vocational and education planning, assessment and assistance
  • Individual and group counseling on a weekly basis
  • Family intervention whenever possible
  • Group projects and recreational activities
  • Medical and mental health resources (made available, as necessary)
  • Aftercare services include supportive counseling, referral services and scholarship assistance



  • Prospective residents may be accepted into the house after being interviewed by Walkabout for Young Men and Women staff
  • The screening includes interviews, dinner at the house and a case presentation by the referring person
  • A referral to the house can be made by a family member, by the young person or by an interested professional
  • A screening can be arranged by calling a social worker at (516) 379-8251, Monday through Friday


Become a Volunteer

There are many opportunities to help the young people at Walkabout for Young Men and Women. FIND OUT MORE



Call: (516) 379-8251

155 Guy Lombardo Avenue

Freeport, NY 11520




Call (516) 379-8251
Andrea Kerr, Program Coordinator
155 Guy Lombardo Avenue
Freeport, NY  11520

Walkabout for Young Men and Women does not discriminate because of race, creed or national origin.

Certification: Walkabout for Young Men and Women is certified by the Office of Children and Family Services as a transitional residence for homeless youth. Services are provided in accordance with the NYS Runaway and Homeless Youth Act.

Walkabout for Young Men and Women is funded by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, NYS Department of Health and Human Services, Nassau County Youth Board, Nassau County Department of Housing and private contributions from concerned individuals and the business community.