Emergency Youth Shelter

24-hour care for Long Island's most vulnerable youth.

Nassau Haven is a 12-bed co-ed emergency shelter, providing short-term housing, case management and crisis intervention to runaway and homeless youth in Nassau County.

Our Program

Since 1982, Nassau Haven has served young people (ages 10 to 22), helping them address the issues that brought them to seek shelter.

We are available 24/7 for intake and referral. Please note that this is a voluntary program. Youth must agree to accept services; likewise, individuals should contact the program directly to request services.


  • Assistance with securing appropriate, long-term housing or resolving family conflict so youth may return home
  • Case management services to guide young people in finding services that they need in the community
  • Educational and vocational assistance
  • Medical and mental health resources

Responsibilities of Residents at Nassau Haven

Our residents take an active role in:

  • Working with staff to address immediate problems
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals
  • Maintaining daily responsibilities such as chores, curfews, work and/or school, etc.
  • Respecting the rights of both staff and other residents

Contact (516) 221-1310
Margaret Christy
Supervisor, Nassau Haven, FCA
The address is confidential.

FCA's Nassau Haven is certified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services as a shelter for runaway and homeless youth. Services are provided in accordance with the New York State Runaway and Homeless Youth Act.