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Learning Center

No challenge is too daunting. Whether homeless, in foster care, financially or emotionally challenged, we are ready to help.

Our Program
The Learning Center is a central learning site providing workshops and learning opportunities for all at-risk youth, ages 14-24. Workshops are both supportive, social and psycho-educational, all aimed at individual growth to assist youth successfully transition into adulthood.

We offer workshops on:

  • Creating a resume
  • Preparing for job interviews and employment
  • Career/vocational training
  • College application prep
  • Financial literacy
  • Independent living life skills coaching
  • And much more!

Get Involved
Interested in facilitating a workshop at the Learning Center? Contact us.

Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm
Evening workshop hours vary

Donna Teichner, LCSW
(516) 485-4289 ext. 1223
31 Main St.
Hempstead, NY 11550

Funded by Newsday Charities.