Peer Recovery Coaches

We call it SHERPA.

Healing begins with the first step.

For the peers of SHERPA, recovery involves engaging with the entire family.

Our Program
SHERPA is a team of peer and family recovery coaches who are trained to meet with overdose survivors and families in the community as well as in emergency departments.

Our goal is to connect people to treatment, provide peer and family support and to follow up.

Peers offer non-judgmental support. After all, they’ve been there. Peers are comfortable sharing their own personal experiences to help each individual and their family members.

FCA offers SHERPA services free of charge.  SHERPA provides:

  • Support and systems navigation
  • A strategy to begin rebuilding full, healthy lives
  • Connection to treatment and harm reduction services
  • Family and peer support

In the News
Amid the opioid epidemic, FCA partnered with Catholic Health Services of Long Island to offer “SHERPA” services to individuals and their families at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.  READ MORE.

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