Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program

Caregivers need support too.

Caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s Disease can be stressful, as well as emotionally and physically challenging. 

Our Program

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program is dedicated to aiding under-served Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) caregivers in Westbury, Freeport and Hempstead, NY.

We provide opportunities for AD caregivers to meet in fun, social settings. Through education and support groups, we provide caregivers with the support they need. We also offer educational materials with the latest information about AD.


Our trained staff will:

  • Make home visits to discuss your situation and assess your needs. This assessment is confidential.
  • Link you to resources and services to assist you and your loved one on this journey.
  • Connect you with our support groups, education programs and an online chat group.

There is no fee for these services.

Call (516) 292-1300

Care Coaches and support staff are available:
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Did you know?

People age 60+ will comprise an estimated 30 percent of Nassau County residents by 2024.

Our Mission

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program’s mission is to expand the safety net for the caregiver of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and related types of dementia by addressing the need for support and stress reduction. Caregiver support services are designed to restore the mental and physical well-being of caregivers and improve their quality of life.

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program is made possible through an acquired grant from the New York State Department of Health, Family & Children’s Association (FCA) and Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation (LIAF).  READ MORE about FCA’s partners. 

About Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation (LIAF)


For more than 25 years, LIAF has been providing supportive community-based services to Alzheimer’s families on Long Island. LIAF takes considerable pride in its pioneering role in the development of cutting edge services that foster the independence, dignity, well-being and safety of individuals with Alzheimer’s, thus aiding in the prevention of premature nursing home placement. LIAF’s programs offer help and hope for families grappling with Alzheimer’s disease.

About New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)


The New York State Department of Health’s mission is to protect, improve and promote the health, productivity and well-being of all New Yorkers. Their vision foresees New Yorkers as being the healthiest people in the world – living in communities that promote health, protected from health threats, and having access to quality, evidence-based, cost-effective health services. NYSDOH’s values are comprised of dedication to the public good, innovation, excellence, integrity, teamwork, efficiency. The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program focuses on aiding under-served Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Caregivers in Westbury, Freeport and Hempstead, NY.