Prevention & Family Support

Helping families grow stronger, together.

FCA’s Prevention team provides vital services to children and families who are vulnerable and at risk, homeless or struggling with a host of difficulties including chemical dependency, mental health trauma or lack of resources.

FCA staff empower our youth and families in their decision-making abilities and assist them in developing the skillsets needed to live independently and successfully. The team’s synergy supports best-practice delivery of services utilizing community resources and FCA’s wrap-around services in creating and enhancing successful outcomes.

Prevention & Family Support Programs

Community Credible Messengers Initiative

This initiative provides services to youth transitioning out of OCFS court ordered residential placements.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1223

Families Count

Our services are centered around improving the four pillars of communication, mutual respect, encouragement, and problem solving between parents and their children/teenagers.

Contact (516) 485-4289 x 1223

Family First

Our team of bilingual Spanish speaking clinicians offer school-based trauma-informed counseling to meet the social emotional learning (SEL) needs of Spanish speaking ENL/ELL students and their families. To inquire about bringing our services to your school district, please call 516-485-4289 or email

Contact (516) 485-4289 x 1223

Family Support

Case management services are offered to families who are receiving services from NCDSS. Together, strength-based services are provided to families who are struggling with a variety of challenges and without services, there is a high risk of foster care placement.   (Se habla Español & Pale Créole).

Contact (516) 485-4600 ext. 1267

Project Independence- Foster Care Youth Living Skills

Foster care youth, ages 14-21, will be provided with a unique opportunity to work with FCA Project Independence staff on their goals which will provide them the skills to live independently upon discharge from foster care.

Contact (516) 565-5512 ext. 2282

SNUG- Gun Violence Reduction Initiative

SNUG, "guns" spelled backwards, works alongside Hempstead community members to promote gun violence reduction and foster the change of community norms and behaviors.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1223

OVS Social Work Initiative

Our goal is to bridge the service gap between community members that have been impacted by crime or violence and the state Office of Victim Services (OVS). This innovative partnership between DCJS and OVS works to promote healing and resiliency in individuals and families, specifically those of color, by empowering them to address the trauma they have endured and improving their access to victim services.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1102

Ladders to Success

Ladders to Success, located at FCA's Learning Center, will prepare identified high school students in Mathematics, Algebra, Reading and English to attain the placement test scores they need to avoid remedial classes and immediately access credit-bearing classes at Nassau Community College and beyond.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1223

Hempstead Prevention Coalition

The Hempstead Prevention Coalition connects the most influential and trusted voices in the Village of Hempstead to combat substance misuse and promote a safer, healthier community.

Contact (516) 736-6803

Learning Center

Support, enrichment and advocacy services are offered to Nassau County youth, ages 14-18, who want to explore vocational, employment and educational opportunities.
Contact (516) 485-4289 ext. 1223

Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-Op

The Nursery Co-Op provides short-term childcare for children ages 2-5 years old and case management for parents who are seeking to improve their individual and family circumstances. This unique children’s program promotes social, intellectual and emotional skill building.

Contact (516) 486-7200

Immigrant Resource Center / Centro de Recursos para Inmigrantes

Services for immigrant and vulnerable families in our Nassau and Suffolk County communities.  Helpline counselors provide referrals to food pantries, immigration resources, COVID-19 testing and vaccine advocacy, case management & short-term counseling, with services available in both English and Spanish.

FCA reminds those in need, that they are not alone. 

Contact (516) 546-0357

Pregnant & Parenting Teen Support (PACT)

Our case managers provide cultural and educational enrichment opportunities to young people, ages 10-21, who are at risk of unprotected sexual activity, early pregnancy, as well as parenting or pregnant teens. 

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1223

Roosevelt Prevention Coalition (RPC)

We are a group of organizations and passionate leaders devoted to making Roosevelt a safer and healthier community. Roosevelt Prevention Coalition (RPC) is dedicated to reducing youth alcohol and substance use through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Contact (516) 509-3366