Support for Immigrant Families

From our Summer Camp fund, to personal fundraisers and contributions from generous donors, the need to support immigrant families on Long Island by way of effective programs and services continues to grow exponentially. FCA’s staff work diligently to help immigrant families in the Village of Hempstead and surrounding communities maintain a resilient mentality regarding the adversity they struggle with on a daily basis.

Below are a few images sharing how families who are connected with FCA’s Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-Op and other services offered by FCA (vocational education, ESL classes, counseling) continue to provide families with opportunities to participate in active, educational and family-focused experiences. Donations, coupled with our hardworking and dedicated staff allow us to keep families thriving and helps them experience family unity and the ability to maintain hope for the present and future generations.


FCA staff invest a great deal of time, energy and expertise to work with our clientele and they facilitate these summer opportunities for families who may otherwise not have been able to share with their children. During the school year, FCA’s nursery staff ensure the children get a quality education while their parent(s) meet with a case manager to connect with resources and receive services that will help them and their family get ahead. A few examples from this past summer’s activities include the nursery kids learning about exotic animals from professional zoo keepers, enjoying fun rides at Luna Park, enjoying a day of roller skating or enjoying family time at the beach. As the new school year approaches, we call on you to support FCA so that we can continue to provide this high level of support for the families that need it most. To make a contribution, please follow this link to our donation page.