Preventing Elder Abuse in Our Communities

In Nassau County there are approximately 220,000  people over the age of 65 and this Elder Abuse and Neglect New Sinai.org_.jpgnumber is growing. With this growing population demographic comes the unfortunate increased vulnerability and risk of elder abuse.

FCA's Senior and Adult Services Division has a number of programs focused on preventing and combatting this isseu.First and foremost, these programs strive to educate individuals and local communities on identifying the different forms of elder abuse. These include physical, sexual and emotional abuse, active or passive neglect and/or financial exploitation.

The perpetrator of elder abuse  is usually an adult child or grandchild who is living with an aging parent or relative. They are usually unemployed, have mental health or substance abuse problems and are financially dependent on their older relative for money and housing. Because the perpetrator is often well known to the victim and their lives are so intertwined, it makes it particularly difficult for the victim to report the abuse.

How can you prevent elder abuse in your community?

Isolated older adults are often the victims of abuse.

Make regular visits to older friends and neighbors.

Check and see that there is food in the refrigerator, that they appear to be well nourished and groomed.

Ask  if the bills are being paid in a timely fashion and notice if there are any new friends coming around and taking over that person’s life.

New Scam to be aware of:  Social Security Administration Call

The scammer identifies themselves as an agent  and says that there has been fraud detected on your Social Security card.

They then try and get as much information as possible from you and often threaten to stop payment of funds unless you cooperate with them.

These scammers even have the ability to “spoof” their number to make it look like the call is actually coming from the Social Secutiry Office.

Be alert and be suspicious. If you believe that an older adult is being abused or financially exploited say something.

For more information, contact:

Manda Kristal

Financial Abuse & Exploitation Program Coordinator

(516)485-3425  ext. 2333