FCA Celebrates LGBTQIA Pride

FCA President/CEO Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds issued the following statement to FCA staff, volunteers and supporters this morning:

June is Pride Month and Sunday marks the Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, which in 1969, gave birth to the modern LGBTQIA movement towards equality. Pride started with a protest, in which members of the LGBT community - many of them people of color - rebelled against a violent police raid of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village.pride month small.jpg

Progress has been painstakingly slow, but this month marks the ten-year anniversary of marriage equality in New York State and a US Supreme Court decision handed down just last week will help protect LGBTQ employees nationwide from workplace discrimination. None of this should have taken 50 years.  

Today, we are seeing uprisings not only in the streets of Manhattan, but in front of the White House, outside state capitals across the nation, in cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Louis and of course, right here on Long Island. That's because systemic bias, the threat of violence and tragic injustice persists for entire communities, black and brown, and people across the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums. The past few weeks have been tumultuous and how we carry forward that momentum is absolutely critical. The right blend of courage, intelligence, strategy and most importantly, cooperation, will bring us closer to the dream of "liberty and justice for all."

We at FCA remain committed to doing our part to advance social equity. Last year, we did an extensive series of trainings focused on LGBTQIA issues and our recent open conversations about racial justice have set the stage for some exciting internal and external action steps we'll be unveiling in the next couple weeks. FCA is committed to leveling the playing field for all and as a beautifully diverse family of committed Long Islanders, we have hard conversations, stare down adversity and do amazing things every single day.

We've been doing that for 135 years and we won't quit.