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Health Insurance Assistance

Health insurance planning can be overwhelming.

We offer free, current and impartial information about your health care coverage.

Whether you want to enroll in Medicare or learn how to get affordable medication, please come and visit us.  We are a walk-in center. Last year, we worked one-on-one with 4,000 seniors.

Our Program
FCA’s Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance Program (HIICAP) is your source for free counseling and advocacy services.

Through our hotline and our volunteer counselors, we provide you or a parent with information on all aspects of health insurance, including Medicare Parts A, B, C & D, and EPIC.

If you have questions like these, we can help:

  • I will be 65 years old this year. I know I can get Medicare, but I don’t know whether I need other insurance too. Who can advise me?
  • I have been on Medicare for several years and paying for a supplemental insurance plan. I can’t afford it anymore. Is there another way to supplement Medicare?
  • My prescription drugs are so expensive; I have to choose between buying my drugs and paying my rent. Is there help for a senior like me?



  • Explore health care options
  • Help decide what is needed (e.g.—a retirement plan, a Medigap plan, a Medicare HMO)
  • Determine whether you qualify for special programs that pay for Medicare deductibles, co-payments and Part B premiums
  • Determine whether you qualify for EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage), the NY State program to help you pay for prescription drugs
  • Appeal an insurance denial for medical claims

Call (516) 485-3425

HIICAP is made possible with funding from the Nassau County Office for the Aging through the New York State Office for the Aging and the US Administration on Aging.