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Financial Counseling

We have helped hundreds of seniors resolve debt, mortgage and tax crises. 

If you’re in debt, experiencing financial hardship, or need some help managing your bills, please give us a call. We offer financial counseling at no cost to you.

Senior Financial Counseling is all about working with individuals to provide assistance, guidance, and advocacy. Last year alone, we helped 800 seniors.

Our Programs
Our counselors help prepare taxes, explain interest rates and keep you on track with your finances.

First we address Budget and Money Management issues to help you:

  • Understand your current financial situation
  • Devise ways to manage your money that work for you
  • Learn options for reaching financial security

Our four programs are designed to help you with specific financial issues.

Financial Organizing

  • Organize important papers and contacts
  • Organize expenses if you have to live on less income
  • Explore options to increase income


Solving Financial Problems

  • Credit card debt
  • Mortgage delinquencies
  • Property tax arrears

Complete Tax Forms

  • Federal and State income taxes
  • Nassau County Partial Property Tax Exemption
  • New York State Tax Rebate (IT214)
  • New York School Tax Assistance Relief (STAR)

Consumer Debt

  • Negotiate with your creditors
  • Explain your rights
  • Analyze your options; payments schedule, referrals for debt consolidation loan, bankruptcy referrals
  • Late Mortgage Payment: Negotiate with your lender for short-term relief and a long-term solution
  • Help you understand your options and avoid foreclosure

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