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Bill Management

For those who are facing hardships or are sight impaired or dyslexic, we are here to help.

Our program is all about helping you manage your finances, without leaving your home. From organizing and sorting to setting up a system for managing expenses, FCA provides the help that many seniors need.

Our Program
We work with Nassau County seniors in the safety of their homes. We provide bill organization, bill reading and bill paying services to seniors who have sight or other physical limitations hindering their ability to pay bills in a timely manner. 

Our service helps seniors avoid harassing phone calls and utility shut-offs due to late or non-payment of bills. 


  • Sorting and organizing bills
  • Setting up a monthly income/expense budget
  • Balancing the checkbook
  • Writing out checks for you to sign
  • Referrals for other services, if needed


  • Volunteer bill payers are trained and monitored by FCA
  • Monthly reports of all transactions are submitted to the agency
  • Monitors compare monthly reports and bank statements
  • Insurance coverage from FCA
  • Oversight from FCA

Clients must be capable of making financial decisions. There is a sliding scale fee for Bill Management.

Call (516) 485-3425