Mission Moment Scholarship Fund

Do your part in building bright futures.


Our Program
FCA has been investing in the promise of higher education for more than 30 years through our Annual Scholarship Fund. The Fund helps support the aspirations of at-risk youth who wish to pursue higher education despite years of struggle with homelessness, foster care or other obstacles.

Scholarship Fund Reception
Each year, a special reception is held to celebrate the outstanding efforts of our talented students and the continued dedication of FCA staff and donors.  

One of the unique facets of the reception is the interaction between donors and scholarship recipients, who sit together and share in the event’s festivities. This event offers students a rare opportunity to mingle with professionals who may be able to guide them in their future careers.

Did You Know?
A child’s ability to learn is negatively affected by family stress, particularly stress resulting from poverty and unemployment, according to studies such as “Teaching Science and Mathematics to At-Risk Students” (ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, NY, NY).

Become a Scholarship Fund Sponsor
Help transform a life.

To support our Scholarship Fund or to become a named sponsor and present your scholarship to a deserving student at our Scholarship Fund Reception, contact:

Marisa Paladino, Special Events Coordinator
Call: (516) 746-0350