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Meet Brini.

Picture an attic on the warmest day of the summer. Cramped, dusty, and nearly suffocating in the intense heat. Hard to withstand for even more than a few minutes. No windows, no bathroom, no running water, not even a doorknob allowing for privacy or safety. brini_image_small.jpg

At just twelve years old, Brini realized her living conditions were unsafe and unfit.  As time passed, she knew that she had to remove herself from this environment if she wanted to survive. With each visit from Child Protective Services, Brini recognized she was being cheated out of the life she deserved - a life where she could feel safe and supported. Although the thought of living in a place full of strangers apart from the only person that she ever relied on was unthinkable, Brini finally gained the courage she needed to walk away.

With the assistance of her school social worker, Brini was introduced to FCA’s Nassau Haven team. They took Brini by the hand and together walked up to the door of a beautiful, inviting home with a basketball hoop and garden out front.  Brini immediately felt a sense of peace and reassurance.  For a young girl who had experienced such despair, uncertainty, and fear, she now knew she was in the right place and with those who would look out for her best interest.

“I want to say thank you to my friends at FCA for supporting me when I needed it the most. I wish everyone knew about Walkabout and Nassau Haven. I would do it all over again. I will be grateful forever.”  - Brini

After just one month at Nassau Haven and with a new outlook on life, Brini moved into FCA’s Walkabout for Young Men and Women transitional home. Brini was able to remain at Walkabout for two and half years, developing meaningful connections that she could have never imagined all those years suffering in silence in the attic. From driver’s education classes, to college application assistance and cooking lessons provided by Walkabout, Brini grew into her own.

At a time when the whole world was turned upside down by COVID-19, the Walkabout team kept Brini and other residents safe and on track with their educational and personal goals. Wahands_in.jpglkabout even threw Brini a surprise graduation party to celebrate all that she had accomplished and to remind her that she was not alone.

While at Walkabout, she saved money through a focused savings program, setting herself up for a new-found sense of independence. Brini’s time at Walkabout came to an end in June 2021 and with the help of her FCA friends, she moved into the very first place of her own. Brini confidently jumped into her new journey as a student at Nassau Community College, where she is now pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

Brini’s journey embodies FCA’s vision of a Long Island where a legacy of optimal health, educational success, and economic security passes from one generation to the next.

Please help youth like Brini and join FCA in our unwavering support for our fellow Long Islanders in need.

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Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to ensure FCA’s continuation of services for those who need it most.


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