Step Up to Success

What’s transformative? The transition from “at risk” youth into successful, independent adults leading productive lives.

Our Program
With Step Up to Success, FCA helps “at risk” youth become “can do” adults.

Step Up to Success programs help young people (ages 16 to 24):

  • Graduate from high school or its equivalent, college or another post-secondary educational or training program
  • Secure consistent employment that provides a living wage based on accepted criteria for Nassau County
  • Live in permanent, safe housing
  • Achieve emotional and social stability

The Community Benefits, Too
Along with the satisfaction of helping young people, the community will see a reduction in costs associated with youth homelessness, unemployment, and crime.

How it Works
Our “ladder to success” model measures and documents each person’s progress. This begins with a comprehensive assessment of needs, knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Our work is broader, deeper, faster and offers longer follow-through:

  • Involves increased collaboration and resource sharing across programs (broader)
  • Service implementation is intense and based on youth’s individual needs (deeper)
  • Geared toward achieving incremental steps towards big goals at an accelerated pace (faster)
  • Requires staying with youth until they are ready for independence (longer)

Give a Gift that Matters!

When you buy a gift from our Gift Catalog, you are actually helping someone overcome adversity. All items are customized to meet the needs of our youth, who struggle with everyday issues like transportation, textbook fees, learning to drive and college applications. 


  • 96% of Step Up to Success clients were either employed and/or in school
  • Participant earnings were over $200,000 on an annualized basis… the highest since the inception of the program
  • Financial aid awards were at an all-time high of $78,000

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