Diversity Council

At FCA, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our mission and that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve Long Island's complex problems, while better serving an increasingly diverse community.

We’ve always infused these values into our internapride_month_2_2021.jpgl culture, systems, and practices and we haven't been shy about sharing our commitments publicly. While doing so is a responsibility all trustees, staff and volunteers share, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, and the BLM movement, leadership began thinking in an even more focused way about how we advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization.

In the summer of 2020, FCA hosted two all-staff Zoom meetings to discuss what was taking place across the country and in our communities.  We followed up with a staff survey and subsequent conversations agency-wide, all of which has helped shape our response to the civil unrest and our quest to make FCA even better.

The result is the creation of the FCA Diversity Council – a cross-sectional group of staff and trustees – who are tasked with the following mission:

20210625_174856789_iOS.jpgTo increase organizational capacity and community impact by embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a foundational pillar throughout FCA’s structure and framework. 

We have some hard work to do, but we also have some exciting initiatives planned. Please check back here often for updates.

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, FCA President & CEO


2021 Diversity Council Accomplishments

  • Presented Diversity Council mission and goals to the agency at FCA's All Staff Outing
  • Invested in FCA's growth via DEI Consultation with Dr. Laura Quiros, LMSW
  • Gathered and analyzed results (with oversight from Dr. Quiros) of FCA's 2021 Diversity Council survey
  • Introduced the importance of including gender pronouns in staff email signatures
  • Identified and assigned new 2021 Diversity Training requirements to staff,  focusing on Unconscious Bias and Being an Ally
  • Created the Gender Expansive and Inclusive Language Handout for Pride Month
  • Developed awareness emails, sent to the entire agency by FCA leadership, describing the significance of holidays, religious observances, and awareness days that are a priority to our staff 
  • Hosted multiple successful Dining with Diversity events:
    • Discussion of "But I'm a Cheerleader" in honor of Pride Month
    • Discussion of "Which Way Home" in honor of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Discussion of privilege led by Dr. Erica O'Neal, Founder & Principal of EEO Consults, which assists organizations in developing more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces
  • Provided trainings on a variety of DEI topics, including:
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • LGTBQ+ 101
    • The Do's and Don'ts of Advocacy & Lobbying for Non-Profit Personnel
  • Established FCA as an authority in advancing DEI efforts in the community by participating in events such as:
    • Long Island Pride 2021
    • Juneteenth Village of Hempstead Event
    • Black Legacy Partners Presents the First Annual Juneteenth Food Festival
    • Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E (Ability to Navigate Depression, Recovery and Empowerment)
    • SNUG Community Event


2022 Diversity Council Goals

  • Develop a new video training series (personalized to FCA staff and culture) to increase and improve staff education and training
  • Increase internal communication (via DEI newsletters and other exciting new campaigns) to build and sustain an organizational culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Collaborate with other Long Island non-profits to further the conversation and advance DEI efforts to create a community culture which prioritizes equality and advocates for effective policy and widespread societal change



In an effort to more effectively accomplish the above mentioned goals, three subcommittees have been put in place.

Organizational Culture Subcommittee


Building and sustaining an organizational culture that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion through creating a safe space for difficult conversations, identifying areas for improvement, and reviewing, updating and developing policies to further DEI.

Community Advocacy Subcommittee


Fostering an inclusive, equitable organizational climate and culture where all members of our staff can thrive. Develop and improve ways to promote and advance multicultural understanding between members of the community.

Education & Training Subcommittee


A commitment to the ongoing pursuit of education and self-awareness around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  


Want to join the Diversity Council?

Email the council at DiversityCouncil@fcali.org to get more information about our next meeting!