Capital/Endowment Campaign

It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times, and we hope—first and foremost—that you, your family and your friends are staying safe and healthy. 

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic FCA has swung into action, addressing cap camp cover.jpgthis crisis with all the professionalism and compassion that we’ve always shown.

But apart from all this critically important work for our clients, we have another priority that we must continue. The pandemic struck just as we were about to announce a new four-million-dollar capital and endowment fundraising campaign—and the pandemic suddenly made our campaign more terribly urgent.

The Treiber Family has donated 28,000 square feet of office space—an entire customizable floor, valued at $3.5 million—in a modern office building on Oak Street in Garden City. The gift comes at a time when we have outgrown our current headquarters several times over and are in desperate need of more suitable space. The envisioned Oak Street facility has all the qualities that our current headquarters lacks.  The potential of this new space is prodigious, and the results could truly be transformative for all of Long Island. With your help through this capital/endowment campaign, here is just some of what we can accomplish together...

You see, the campaign has three goals:

ATR block.jpg  Capital Improvement Goal ($1,500,000): A new Garden City Program and Operations Hub.  This will include a new Children's Mental Health & Wellness Center, Senior Services Center, and Administrative Operations Center.

mental health block.jpg  Addiction Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery Services- Delivered On Demand ($500,000):  A bold new approach to substance use disorders- combining science and services to combat alcohol, opioids, and other drugs.

seniors block.jpg  Endowment Goal ($2,000,000): A robust endowment to secure Long Island's future together.

sarah1.pngPlease take a few minutes to examine our brochure and read the full letter from our President & CEO, Dr. Jeff Reynolds. Be sure to check back often as we’ll provide important campaign updates and, if you have further questions about our plans or about giving opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeff at (516)746-0350 or

And, as we can never say enough, we are deeply grateful for your continued support of Family & Children’s Association—and the Long Islanders we are honored to serve.

View full Capital Campaign brochure here.

A Special Thank You to Our Donors To Date

Adam Blank
Charlie & Denise Strain