A Moment of Unique Opportunity

A Message from Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds, President & CEO

In the 135 years since we were founded as an orphanage back in 1884, Family and Children’s Association (FCA) has been adapting, evolving and growing into Long Island’s premier social service agency.

Today FCA is stronger than ever, and our services are more wide-ranging than our founders could have dreamed. We are here every day for struggling families, at-risk children, troubled teens, vulnerable seniors, and adults caught up in the nightmare of addiction. Our 330 employees and 240 volunteers staff more than thirty discrete programs. In the past year alone we served more than
30,000 Long Islanders.

We’re an agile and responsive agency—just as capable of addressing widespread, Island–wide needs as we are of setting up targeted programs in small neighborhoods. And now, with a $3.5-million in-kind gift from the Treiber Family of 28,000 square feet of modern office space in Garden City, FCA has been given a unique opportunity—at last we can realize our long-held dream of a state-of-the-art
program and operations hub in which to serve the needs of the families and children of Long Island.

Our vision is bold: We want to see a Long Island where a legacy of optimal health,
educational success and economic security passes from one generation to the next.

Our mission —to protect and strengthen Long Island’s most vulnerable children, families, seniors and communities— demands that we adapt and grow with changing times.

And our belief is that the best and only way forward is to plan now for Long Island’s future together.


Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D., CEAP, SAP
President & CEO